Emergence Documentation

Switching locale

There are several ways to switch what language a site is rendered with.

Specify via query string parameter with each request

By appending ?locale=es_US to a request URI you can select the locale es_US.utf8 for a single response.

Set via client-side cookie

By setting a cookie called locale to es_US you can switch the locale for all responses during the life of the cookie. This is the recommended technique for implementing a user-selectable locale. You can set the cookie either client-side with JavaScript or server side with a response header.

Send Accept-Language header with requests

If the browser or client application provides an Accept-Language header, Emergence will attempt to pick the closest available locale.

Set default language site-wide

To set the locale that will be used for all users in the absense of any of the above personal settings, create a config file at php-config/Emergence/Locale.config.php and set the default locale:


Emergence\Locale::$default = 'es_US.utf8`;