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Generating a .pot file

Open /sysadmin/xgettext on your site to generate a .pot file. It may take a few moments for the download to start as the script scans all the PHP and Dwoo source files on your site. .pot stands for “Portable Object Template” and the file provides a starting point for any translation.

Sample contents of .pot file

Line starting with # in the .pot file are comments and will indicate the file(s) and line number where a given string was found. msgid shows the original string and msgstr is where you could fill in the translated version.

#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:56 php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:92
msgid "Parameter \"username\" required"
msgstr ""

#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:60 php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:96
msgid "User not found"
msgstr ""

#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:69
msgid "This member is already in this project"
msgstr ""

#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:102
msgid "Are you sure you want to remove %s from %s?"
msgstr ""

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