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Creating and uploading a .po file

A .po file contains all the translations for a given language.


.po files can be created by opening the generated .pot file with a graphical tool like Poedit, or by renaming the generated .pot file to .po and opening it in any text editor.

Given the example segment from the Generating a .pot file guide, the translated version saved in the .po file might look like this:

#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:56
#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:92
msgid "Parameter \"username\" required"
msgstr "Se requiere el parámetro \"nombre de usuario\" "

#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:60
#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:96
msgid "User not found"
msgstr "No se encuentra el usuario."

#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:69
msgid "This member is already in this project"
msgstr "Este miembro ya participa en este proyecto"

#: php-classes/Laddr/ProjectsRequestHandler.php:102
msgid "Are you sure you want to remove %s from %s?"
msgstr "┬┐Seguro(a) de que quieres quitar %s de %s?"


The fully or partially translated .po file should be uploaded to the site under a path+filename like locales/es_US.utf8/site.po, where es_US matches a locale that has been installed on the server operating system. Emergence will transparently compile the .po file to a binary .mo as needed using the gettext command line tools installed to the server, so you should not upload any .mo files.

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