Emergence Documentation


Routing is the process by which an Emergence site finds the code that will handle a particular request. It does this by working through the requested URL from left-to-right to find a PHP script within site-root to handle the request. If a static file is found at the path instead of a .php script, it will be transferred to the client with appropriate content and caching headers.

For example when you request the page http://codeforphilly.org/projects/Code_for_Philadelphia/edit, codeforphilly.org will search in this order to find a handler:

  1. site-root/projects.php
  2. site-root/projects/Code_for_Philadelphia.php
  3. site-root/projects/Code_for_Philadelphia/edit.php

In the case for codeforphilly.org, #1 (projects.php) will match first and the second two will never be checked. projects.php gets invoked and asked to handle the path “Code_for_Philadelphia/edit”

Custom Routing

If a handler is not found by the method described above Emergence will under normal circumstances pass a 404 header to the client with an appropriate 404 page. You may choose to instead handle this event yourself. To do so set the value of Site::$onNotFound as a callable. The most conveniant location to set this value is inside `php-config/Site.config.php’. The callable will run immediatly prior the normal 404 response allowing you to handle the response as you wish.

For Example

Site::$onNotFound = function($message) {
    switch($action = Site::$requestPath[0])
            if($Page = Page::getByHandle($action))
                return Page::renderPage();
                header('HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found');